Wednesday, 17 June 2015

CV Axle Boots Leaking? Here’s What It Meansc

The CV joint axles are some of the most important parts on your auto’s drive train. What does this mean? Put simply, the joints send power from the transmission to the wheels. If the CV axles aren’t working properly, you’ll first notice a clicking sound and then a terrible screeching sound from metal rubbing against metal. At this point, the bearings are being ground to bits. Not too long after this, the joint will fail and you could end up with a steel shaft banging around underneath your car. This puts your oil pan, engine, transmission, rack and pinion, fuel line and you at risk. Fortunately, there is a layer of protection – the CV axle’s boot.

The rubber boot, commonly known as the CV boot, protects the axle joint from dirt, grime and debris that could cause all kinds of trouble if it makes its way into the joint. The CV joint is very important to the stability and safety of your ride, so if you see any signs of cracking or tears in the rubber, you should take immediate steps to have it repaired. If you miss those visible signs of trouble, the boot may start leaking. You’ll see grease seeping out. This creates a dual problem of exposure to the joint inside and the mess of the used grease all over the undercarriage of your automobile.

It’s worth repeating that when the CV axle’s boot is leaking, it means that you need to get your auto into a mechanic. It isn’t very expensive to have the rubber boot replaced, but it is a considerable expense to repair the entire transaxle. While the mechanic is working on your car, the professional might spot the source of the problem.

One common situation that leads to a leaking axle boot is the buildup of excessive heat because of defective brakes. You’re probably already aware that if your brakes are at risk in any way (including warping), you and your passengers will also be at risk. When you recognize the signs of a damaged boot and take your vehicle in for some maintenance, have the technician take a look at the brakes as well.

It is also reasonable to expect the rubber boots to deteriorate over time. There isn’t much to do in the way of maintenance for these parts, but establishing a habit of giving the undercarriage of your vehicle a visual once-over could save you some grief in the long run. This will also help you to notice if the boots have been punctured or otherwise weakened because of road debris. If have any question about CV axle replacement in San Diego, visit this website for more information.

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