Friday, 19 June 2015

Protect Your Car’s Paint with a Topcoat

If your car was manufactured after the 1980s, it likely has a topcoat. The covering is usually clear and is applied last, in order to protect the base paint that gives your car its color. If your vehicle has spent most of its time in the sun, the finish may be starting to decay. You’ll know because sections begin to look as if they are peeling from a sunburn.

What Does It Do?

A clear coat layer offers several benefits for your car’s paint job. It can:

  • Add a protective UV layer, to help the color resist fading
  • Protect the surface from bird droppings, chemicals and other grime
  • Make it easier to fix minor dents and scratches
  • Give the vehicle’s paint depth and shine

Ask for One

When you are getting your vehicle painted following an accident, or just because, ask if the body shop will be applying a topcoat. Some garages may give you a low bid because they are skipping the protective layer. That may save you money initially, but you’ll need another paint job much sooner.

How to Care for It

While a topcoat has built-in protective properties, it isn’t indestructible. Regular car washes can help keep your paint looking healthy. Frequent waxing is also important, as it provides an extra barrieragainst the elements.

When you have your car painted, be sure that you are getting a topcoat. It can protect your paint and help make repairs easier. Find out more about the benefits of your car painting in Raleigh with a topcoat at this website.

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