Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Learn What Your Suspension System Does For You

The suspension system includes all of the elements that connect the wheels to the vehicle. This includes components such as shock absorbers, steering mechanisms, springs and the drive shaft. While most drivers think about horsepower and acceleration when it comes to auto performance, the suspension system should also get some attention.

What Does the Suspension System Do?

The basic task of this system is to provide the driver with control over the car. The suspension is meant to maintain friction between your tires and the road. This delivers handling stability and improves your ability to steer. The system compensates for imperfections in the road; actually using those imperfections to improve the operation of driving.

A Safe, Comfortable Ride

Another important function of the suspension is to improve the comfort of the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Consider the amount of force (generated by your acceleration) applied to each of the components underneath your vehicle. When your car or truck heads down the road, any bump will divert horizontal force into vertical force. This can send you bouncing up and down, but more importantly could send your vehicle right off the road. The landing would be both dangerous and uncomfortable.

Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

A well-maintained suspension system directs those forces into appropriate directions, protecting the components from too much wear and tear. Neglecting this system can lead to damages throughout many different automobile systems. Ultimately, ignoring maintenance on the system will put you and your passengers in danger. Learn more about suspension repair in San Diego by visiting this website.

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