Sunday, 21 June 2015

The BMW Logo Origin


The BMW Roundel was registered almost 100 years ago and is now one of the most recognized commercial symbols in the world.

The Logo Myth

The apparent “spinning propellers” of the design have made people think that it is connected with aircraft engines. That, however, is just a myth. The design was definitely not linked to aircraft engines or propellers. The idea came from an advertisement in 1929 that featured the image of the Roundel in spinning propellers. The advertisement coincided with BMW getting the license to build radial aircraft engines, and the advertising depart used the BMW heritage and the Roundel to attempt to increase sales for the new radial motors.

The Truth

The BMW trademark was registered in October of 1917. The design was circular and had the BMW letters at the top of the ring. The inner quadrants displayed the Bavarian Free State colors of blue and white, but in the opposite order because it was illegal to commercially trademark national symbols.

The Roundel has remained basically the same over the years but with subtle changes. In the original design, the outline and lettering was in gold. Today, the letters are bold, white, and dynamic. It’s safe to say that the BMW Roundel is an iconic symbol, and the original design has stood the test of time. Please visit this website for BMW repair in Mountain View.

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