Monday, 29 June 2015

Why You Should Repaint Your Car

A car can say a lot about the owner’s personality: a sports version may say you are a little daring; a hybrid can shout that you are concerned about the environment; a minivan can show you are the proud and busy parent of an honor roll student from Brand X Jr. High School. However, the paint job on the vehicle may not be as indicative of your true nature. A new paint job is one way to express your personality or to get rid of years of wear and tear.

If you purchased your car new, you probably had several colors to choose from so you could have the version you really wanted. If you bought a used one, the choice was probably quite limited. If you love your automobile but hate the hue, you don’t have to live with it.

Perhaps the white you have reminds you of grandma, when what you really want is midnight black. You can customize yours to be pretty much any shade you would like. If you are planning on reselling the vehicle in the near future, basic colors are usually the easiest to unload. The most popular ones across the globe are white, black, silver, natural brown or tan, and red.

If you’re going to hold onto it for a while, feel free to do whatever you want. You can choose pigments that the manufacturer would never dare try because it doesn’t appeal to the masses. If you love purple, you can go for it. Is neon orange more your style? It can be yours.

Even if you like the shade of your vehicle, it may be time to repaint it. Environmental factors can wreak havoc on your paint, particularly if you park outside. Bird droppings, road dirt and oil all contribute to a diminished surface. Throw in some door dings, rock pits and other scrapes and your auto can start looking downright dull. The topcoat may also be damaged, evident when you see cracking and peeling.

A new paint job can refresh the entire look of your car. Beyond aesthetics, it can also protect the underlying metal from possible rust damage. In fact, a quality paint job can make it look nearly as good as when it rolled off the assembly line.

If you aren’t happy with the color of your vehicle, or if it’s just doesn’t wash up as well as it used to, take it to a qualified auto body shop for a fresh coat of paint. To learn more about options for auto body painting in Carlsbad, please visit this website.

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